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She Is U, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We at She Is U, Inc. provides supportive services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.



Providing supportive services that include mental health, transitional housing, employment resources, and education. All while building self-esteem, improving relationships, and leading to a more fruitful life for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.

President & Founder– Shakina Rush

As a survivor, our founding President, Shakina Rush, has first-hand experience of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Shakina has dedicated her life to spreading awareness and supporting women looking for solutions and overcoming their circumstances. Now, with the goal of changing lives, Shakina is applying her skills and passion to those impacted by the same traumas she has faced.

Happy Friends

Sharisse Cunnigham-Austin

Zakiya Cherif

Charelle Wilson

The CEO of Cunningham Administrative Professionals. I love being able to contribute to finding a small portion of the order in a chaotic world. My areas of expertise are in clerical and organizational support, project management, customer service, virtual assistance, call-center support, service management, and executive administration.

Her passion is to have a business that helps the community through interactive realistic training that helps make job readiness and job sustainability realistic. She is a parent of an 18 year incarcerated youth and because of that tragedy, she became a juvenile justice reform activist. She takes great pride in educating lawmakers on the problems that plague the community.

She was exposed to domestic violence as a child. Her childhood experience became the only example of love she was shown. One day, she stopped being an observer and became a victim. Through the grace of God, she was able to remove herself from the situation and went from victim to survivor. She has a BS in Communications and is the proud owner of Breathe of Fresh Air LLC. She has dedicated her life to bringing joy and entertainment to people’s lives.



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